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  • Sale! level3

    BEnglish Level 3

    $ 100,00 $ 70,00

    Those who have to perfect their English language skills would benefit from this level. The special needs of these learners, such as giving presentations, participating in meetings or writing business texts are incorporated into the tailor-made course level.

  • Sale! level2

    BEnglish Level 2

    $ 100,00 $ 70,00

    An extension to the first level by broadening vocabulary, raising the level and accuracy of speaking and writing and increasing confidence. Specialized subjects related to work or the interests of the learners are incorporated into the course. More challenging texts from newspapers, expressions and idioms are typical elements of this level. The goal is to be able to participate in a variety of social or work related conversations using developed both fluency and accuracy.

  • Sale! level1

    BEnglish Level 1

    $ 100,00 $ 70,00

    This level is intended to give the participants a solid foundation and a working knowledge of business English. It starts by providing a basic working knowledge of the language. The main focus of this level is to improve the basic communication skills by making rapid progress in speaking and understanding.

  • Sale! offer

    BEnglish Full Package

    $ 300,00 $ 200,00

    Full Packge of Benglish Course Contain all levels